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Dear Listener, June 1, 1970

Though I do not think of my music as something that is organized or even something that is mine, I think it is important to say a few words relating to the origins of this album:

Even as I write to you now the name Antiquities seems to gain significance for me...Antiquities are really just made from the time that has passed through something which is evident in a old pair shoes in the same way it is in music. With Antiquities we piece together the past and the future, as I have often found an album sitting unnoticed in a thrift store and it became cherished by me as though I had personally discovered an artist who had been lost. The excavator and the artist are very much alike, and with each discovery your closeness to another’s path symbolizes a closeness to your own. The first two songs on this album are here in a similar way but that accounts for just two. As for the other two I wonder who wrote them and who out of all the many unknown songwriters there are past and present. If this album is for anyone it is for all of you.

- Time is a collage, though it looks as seamless as a photograph.


released 10 January 2012

Bass: William “Huck” Flynn
Drums: Nick “Saint” Sainato
Percussion: Anthony “Assassin” LaMarca
Organ: Garth “Bergman” Herberg
Violin: Chris “Swansong” Swanson
Guitars/Vocals/Add. Percussion: Hand

Arrangments by: Chris Swanson and Hand

Engineered by: Dallas Reeves
Co-Produced by: Eric Palmquist, Hand
Engineered by: Eric Palmquist of Infrasonic Studios
Mastered by: Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Studios

Recorded in Home Studio: Lyric Street, Los Feliz, CA
June 1970

Cover Art by: Sophia Knapp

Special Thanks to: Caitlin Dennis, Larry Schemel, The
Black Jesus, Mark Noseworthy, Shannon Ulrickson,
Barnsdall Art Park, Sanborn St. Parking Lot,
Mom, Dad, Kelly.

*All Songs by Hand except: Hymn For Stella (orig. Hymn For Sylvia) by Bread, Love and Dreams,
Say It’s Not Over by Val Stoecklein.



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